03 2 / 2011

Dr. Denese Skin Care, launched in 2001, started off as a way for Dr. Adrienne Denese, M.D. Ph.D. to look fortreatments to her uniqueskin care conditionsin relation to antiaging and over-all more youthful looking skin. By means of her analysis and studies at both Cornell College and Harvard, Doctor Denese has created an assortment of anti aging productsincluding skin cleansers, skin lotions, creams, serums and an assortment ofremedies for particularskincare problems. Beginning with a Manhattan clinic, Dr. Denese Skin Care subsequentlygrew in demand and expanded into what it is presently. Including a 30 day money backwarranty (or product change), Dr. Adrienne personally backs her product line and promisesrapid and wonderfuloutcomes through the use of powerful primaryingredients. She claims her brand deliversgood results that carry on and will convince even the most callousedshoppers.

Supplying a wide range of skin care products, Dr. Denese deals witha variety of beautytroubles includinglifeless appearance, adult pimples, fine lines and facial lines, yellowing and dryness. Starting in price from $15 to $200, Dr. Denese Skin Care is one of the more expensivecollections to choose from, but it does assure to deliver results and lots of Dr. Denese reviews backup these remarks. Severalskincare products holdpositive reviews on cosmetic review siteswhilst others have badreviews professingminimal to virtually noeffects whatsoever. Whilst the feedback is different, someclaim they can witnesschanges in fine lines and wrinkles, skin pores, staining and dry skinwhereas others appear to be left unsatisfied with little to hardly anygains; and all for an impact on their wallets.

Despite the fact that results varybroadly, Dr. Denese Skin Care deliversseveral sought-after ingredients like Retinol/Vitamin A (anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, effectiveantioxidant), Glycolic Acid (Exfoliates & Moisturizes skin), Arbutin (skin lightenerhelps with discoloration), Salicylic Acid (medicinalaids with acne episodes), COQ10 (skin lightener, moisturizer and assists with promoting collagen formation and cellularturnover), and more. It is advised that prior tochoosing to obtain any of the Dr. Denese products that buyersconsider their choices by performing their own independentanalysis to make the correctchoice for their skin. If you would like to buy Dr. Denese anti aging products, they are available at a number of locationsonline including their own website DrDenese.com, QVC’s online website and Amazon.

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